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Viviana Arzuaga Sponton



Hello, I´m Viviana Arzuaga and since I was little I spend the day inventing and creating.

I studied graphic design, Mandarin Chinese and I almost thought I wanted to be an English teacher but the reality is that my natural tendency was to get closer to the manual.  For that reason 6 years ago I transformed my passion into my full-time job so I gave birth to LA COSA MAS BONITA, my small brand of handmade baby products where I can spend hours between threads and fabrics.


 Although my project began in Uruguay 6 years ago, Spain received me 3 years ago and I am still delighted here Living in Granada, between flamenco, the sea and the mountains.


Handmade baby shoes and accessories are my weakness, they are always the perfect gift, their first shoes are also a memory to treasure forever.


Since I created my first little shoes until now, I have been learning a lot

I would say that I am almost an expert in sewing baby shoes and accessories. Although I also learned a lot about social networks and I am also passionate about photography.


Do you have an idea in mind or would you like to collaborate together? Write me, I will be delighted.                                                                                                                           




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